1994 Jive BMX ad

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This ad was done during my tenure with Hyper Bicycles. It features our own Eric Carter. Taken just after he won the NBL National #1 Pro plate riding for us. It came right down to the Grandnationals for Eric. It came right down to the last moto. If I remember correctly it was between him and Charles Townsend or Gary Ellis for the title. It was intense and for a small new company like Hyper it was epic. Clay (my partner in Hyper at the time and current owner) rented us all a Limo and we hit downtown Memphis that night to celebrate.


Jive Bolts

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As far as I can tell this was the last grip by Jive. They featured a unique grip flange shaped like a bolt head.

They probably got the idea from the Jive Nuts (Neoprene pads that slide onto the grip to rest up against the grips flange.

EZ Jives

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The second grip by Jive. The Jive handles were hugely popular but not the most affordable grip. Enter the EZ Jive.

Same great compound and tread pattern. But these featured a traditional grip end. Much cheaper to make and sell.

The EZ Jive was also packaged in the cheaper plastic bag that was sealed (Not stapled header).

August 1988 advertisement

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This ad appeared in Freestylin. It is the oldest ad I have so far been able to find for Jive handles.


June 1989 advertisement

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This advertisement was in “Freestylin” magazine and features Big E, Eric Bartoldus. Eric was originally from Florida and raced Pro. He went on to move to california and became the team manager for Powerlite.


May 1990 Jive grips advertisement

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This ad was in GO! Magazine in May 1990


Jive Grips Timeline

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Pretty much have the grip timeline down. I will add pictures when I can.

*Note – one Jive grip model did not replace another. So even in the mid 90s all the original versions were still available.*

Jive Handles (1988)

EZ Jive (1989)

M Jives (End of 1989)

Jive Tentacles (1992 or 1993)

Jive Bolts (1997)